‘I am not mentally strong enough to play Bigg Boss’, says wild card evictee Sahil Anand

Seema Sinha

Dec 11, 2016 13:04:56 IST

Besides Priyanka Jagga, the other wild card entrants are not having it easy in the Bigg Boss Season 10, resulting into their eviction. After Elena Kazan, who was eliminated last weekend, Sahil Anand too has been voted out after a mere two week stay. Meanwhile, British model, Jason Shah has exited due to health reasons. Rumours have it that Jason may not go back to the show, he had apparently told Bani J that if he leaves the show mid-way, he won’t be returning to the Big Boss house. However, Priyanka, who has just turned captain after defeating Gaurav Chopra — another strong contender — is going strong. Be it fighting it out with people on personal level or winning tasks, Priyanka appears confident even as most of her co-contestants as well as the audience don’t seem to be too fond of her.

After entering the house as a challenger, Sahil quickly secured his place by defeating Rahul Dev in the 'Dome' task and moved from the jail area to the main Bigg Boss house, but further on, his presence was hardly felt and probably that is the reason viewers have not voted for him and he’s out of the house. Sahil, who accepts that it was extremely difficult for him to sustain especially since he joined the team a bit later, says, “There was a lot of mental and physical pressure. For me the problem was that I entered after few weeks when the contestants had already crossed the first level of knowing and getting familiar with each other, and now they are only into fights and politicking. Currently, it is all exploding out there. And then, everything happens on Bigg Boss’ orders, be it sleeping, waking up, tasks...we are like mere puppets, always controlled inside the house. I was under impression that if I could live all by myself in a city like Mumbai, staying in the Bigg Boss house would be really easy, but I was wrong. It was a weird kind of depression inside the house. Everything looks so glossy from outside but inside the scenario is different. I was so confused about what was happening inside. I am not feeling bad being evicted, I am very happy after what I experienced inside.”

 ‘I am not mentally strong enough to play Bigg Boss’, says wild card evictee Sahil Anand

Sahil Anand

He continues, “Yes, of course, I wanted to win otherwise why would I participate but one needs to be mentally strong for Bigg Boss. It is not a task-based show like Khatron Ke Khiladi, it is a mental game and mentally I am not strong enough to play the game. On one hand we had to cook, wash, clean, do our bed, do the tasks, take the stress, be part of groups, play politics and then we had to face people like Om Swami and an aggressive Priyanka Jagga. Swami has killed everything, for him relations, social values, ethics, principles, emotional feelings...just don't exist.”

Sahil further adds, “It is not that people were rude to me, or they were against me. But I went inside at a time when there was already lot of hatred and games being played. I can’t fight, I can’t take so much stress and tension, I am a peace-maker and did my best on that front. I was quite patient in handling Swami and would often tell him to play a fair game. I am sure audience wants to see sweet people as well. I would at times stop them from fighting but at this stage there were only fights and more fights. The footage of contestants who were fighting were given more prominence and hence I wasn’t seen much in the house.” Echoing the sentiments of the previous evictee and wild card entrant, Elena, Sahil, who was initially in the jail area and moved out to be with others after winning the 'Dome' task, says, “Obviously when you are behind the closed door and talking through a window, you can’t interact with others, you aren't seen. With me, there were two foreigners (Jason and Elena) and Priyanka Jagga who is far more controversial. Among the challengers, the cameras were on her most of the time.”

Sahil feels that his friendship with Bani also kind of went against him. “Now just because I was Bani’s friend automatically I became the enemy of those who didn’t like Bani. So, many of them didn’t like me joining them in their chat and conversation, for instance, Rohan Mehra. I was made to feel like an intruder,” laments Sahil. Further, talking about Bani, who these days appears stressed out and emotionally vulnerable, Sahil says, “Bani is exhausted mentally as well as physically. Frustration level is very high. She is not feeling motivated enough and the atmosphere inside the house is such that you can’t do much even if you want to. She was very upset on the day of the press conference when Lopa interrupted four times and didn’t let her speak. Later, Lopa told me that she had to give her explanation, her justification to the media and she did ask me to convey her apologies to Bani.”

Finally, summing up his experience, Sahil says, “It’s crazy. It is truly a game show that can change your life. Though my stint on the show was short-lived, it allowed me to rekindle my friendship with Bani. I am also glad I got to meet other like-minded people as well like Lopa and Gaurav. If I had to pick a winner, I think Gaurav or Manveer will win hands down.”

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