Humne Gandhi Ko Maar Diya: Film based on Gandhian ideology gets 'U' certificate; title modified

FP Staff

Feb 28, 2018 15:43:05 IST

The Central Board of Film Certification has given the final nod to Naeem A Siddiqui's Humne Gandhi Ko Maar Diya. Originally titled Hey Ram Humne Gandhi Ko Maar Diya, the film's name was snipped by the CBFC, according to a Mumbai Mirror report.


Poster for  Humne Gandhi Ko Maar Diya. Image from Twitter/@HGKMDTheFilm

Poster for Humne Gandhi Ko Maar Diya. Image from Twitter/@HGKMDTheFilm

The reason behind the change recommended by the censor board is not clear to the filmmaker. He tells the publication that although he did try to convince the body to retain the original title, they were still adamant on cutting it short. He was reportedly also asked to remove a photograph of Dr KB Hedgewar, founding member of RSS and delete Vinayak Damodar Savarkar's name, too. The filmmakers told Mumbai Mirror, "I would have been happy had I been allowed to retain my original title and not have to change my publicity material but I’m just relieved that the film is finally releasing."

The film revolves around two individuals with completely different ideologies, travelling in a train together. Their 2-day-long journey coincides with the assassination of MK Gandhi. The story explores of the effect of the incident on these two men and the nation at large.

Humne Gandhi Ko Maar Diya was wrapped up in four and a half months but the certification process took almost a month. The film releases on 2 March.

Updated Date: Feb 28, 2018 15:43:05 IST