Humans of New York to get its own show on Facebook 'Watch', trailer released on page

FP Staff

August 27, 2017 19:19:24 IST

Humans of New York has been an influential force in a lot of people's lives. Reading evocative stories and looking at pictures of people from around the world has become a significant part of many people's social media experience.

Brandon Stanton, photographer and creator of the page, announced in a moving video that the page is getting its own show on Facebook. As per The Hollywood Reporter, followers of the incredibly popular page will now be treated to regular videos in the form of a 12-episode series.

A still from the trailer. Facebook screengrab.

A still from the trailer. Facebook screengrab.

The video put up on the page is in congruence with the usual content that the page churns out — stories of real people but just in a motion picture format.

Stanton announced on the social media platform that he had always wanted to release videos of the people he meets, since it is the closest to actually experiencing interactions with them.

However, he always reserved the videos for something greater and more intimate — like a TV show. Facebook's new 'Watch' option gave the photographer an opportunity to do just what he wanted to.

Stanton started HONY in 2010 and it has only been an uphill ride for him from then. The page has over 10 million likes and has seen some iconic moments, such as getting a comment from former US President Barack Obama. Therefore, for many, it's more than just a photo-blog.

Here's the short trailer of the show which was posted on the page:

Updated Date: Aug 27, 2017 19:19 PM