Hrithik Roshan to become brand ambassador of The Indian Stammering Association (TISA)

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Mar 17, 2019 10:58:17 IST

Hrithik Roshan has been known to have suffered from speech impediment issues as a child. Reports in Mumbai Mirror state that the actor has recently been approached to become the brand ambassador of The Indian Stammering Association (TISA). The organisation presented its proposal after a discussion with nine of its members.

Hrithik Roshan to become brand ambassador of The Indian Stammering Association (TISA)

Hrithik Roshan

The discussion continued for long, states the report. Hrithik openly spoke about how he would stand before a mirror and speak, record his voice and practice singing. His practice routine was a daily affair, said the actor. "I still do for an hour at least so that I can control the secondary actions like twitching and all,” said Hrithik, adding, “The unacceptability to stammering was not only bothersome in my childhood but prevailed till 2012, long after I had become a film star.”

Hrithik revealed how he had to reject opportune film roles as the part required him to mouth long monologues. He recounted an instance where he had to go to Dubai to receive an award. Since he was having issue pronouncing the word 'Dubai', Hrithik had to practice it regularly in order to perfect it.

“I have now accepted myself as a slow speaker, I have to go through the sentences for a fraction of a second in my mind before saying them aloud. For a long period, it was a struggle for me to accept this, but now I am fine with it,” he confessed.

Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP) in 2012 is what helped him immensely, he said.

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