House of Cards trailer out: Frank Underwood is back as the US President in season 3


Jan,13 2015 12:11:07 IST

The trailer of House of Cards, season 3, was unveiled in tandem with Kevin Spacey winning a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Frank Underwood, currently the President of the United States of America in the hit Netflix show. If Spacey's award wasn't reason enough for fans of the show to celebrate, the new trailer looks very exciting.

Courtesy: Facebook

Courtesy: Facebook

But before you see the trailer, let's  jog your memory a bit. Frank (Spacey) and Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), after a series of treacherous moves and few murders, have finally made their way to the Oval Office. The last season ended with Underwood taking oath as the new President of United States, as Claire stood next to him as the First Lady. But, if you thought that all the deception and revenge is about to end and the Underwoods are about to begin with a clean slate, you haven't been paying attention to House of Cards. Frank has too many skeletons in his closet and too many enemies around him to concentrate on policy making. Claire is pushing her own agenda.

As Frank says in the voiceover of the new trailer, the stakes are higher than ever now that he and Claire have moved into the White House. Frank's chief of staff, Doug, is no longer there since he was killed at the end of the second season. His body is yet to be discovered by police. Doug's death makes Rachel Posner, former prostitute and Doug's murderer, a threat to Frank because she knows things that Frank wouldn't want coming out in the open. And then there's journalist Zoe Barnes' death and Lucas Godwin's determination to ruin Frank still looming large.

In the trailer we hear Claire say, " We're murderers, Francis." Frank, predictably, has a different take on this story: "No," he says. "We're survivors."

Watch the trailer here:

Updated Date: Jan 13, 2015 12:11 PM