Hook up already! Fans flood Marvel with requests for a Captain America, Bucky romance

FP Staff

May 25, 2016 18:39:09 IST

It seems all of Twitterverse (and Facebook as well, for good measure) has just one thing on its mind — and that is to find Captain America a boyfriend.

After #GiveElsaAGirlfriend (a move to get Disney to take Frozen’s lead character lesbian) trended on social media, it was time for #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend to gain some traction.

Even as the hashtag that pleaded for the all-American superhero to find love did the rounds on Twitter, many used the occasion to further the popular theory that the good Captain already had a boyfriend — and that his name is Bucky.

Twitterati posted snapshots from the Captain America movies, of the superhero with his friend and rival Bucky aka the Winter Soldier. Some also shared snippets of actors Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan from press conferences, to prove that theirs was a love that was meant to be.

The wit flowed long on Twitter, and we were only too happy to keep scrolling through our feed for the funniest!

If this isn't true love, Twitter seemed to say, we don't know what is:

Here's a Lego Captain America and Bucky pair we found particularly cute:

And the definitive proof:

Hook up already! Fans flood Marvel with requests for a Captain America, Bucky romance

Now you see why fans don't believe Cappie when he says:

Of course, even if Marvel was to suddenly bestow couple status on Captain America and Bucky, they wouldn’t be the first superheroes to come out as gay or bisexual. Northstar, Iceman are superheroes who’ve had highly publicised ‘coming outs’, while a hook-up between Wolverine and Hercules was hinted at in an alternative storyline last year.

If Bucky and Steve don’t get the happy ending that Twitter wants and expects, they will join another popular superhero pair that was believed to be more than just good friends (or crime fighting partners). We’re talking about Batman and Robin of course, to whose sexuality a tremendous amount of literature, both serious and lighthearted, has been devoted.

We’d like to believe that in a cave, far, far away, a caped crusader is looking at #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend and doing this:

Updated Date: May 25, 2016 18:39:09 IST