Holy Non Sequiturs! You can now take a 360-degree tour of Batman's cave, without moving from your seat

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Mar 30, 2016 16:20:21 IST

Except for a couple of decades (between the 1960s and 1980s) when he lived in a penthouse atop the Wayne Foundation skyscraper (or alternative storylines in which he has given up his home to serve as the building for the Arkham Asylum), Bruce Wayne aka Batman’s address in Gotham City has generally been the stately Wayne Manor on 1007, Mountain Drive.

Holy Non Sequiturs! You can now take a 360-degree tour of Batmans cave, without moving from your seat

Screen grab from Google Maps

In the caped vigilante’s latest cinematic outing, however, we’ve been shown that Wayne Manor has burned to the ground, and Batman himself has moved to a home on the waterfront, known as The Glasshouse. Production designer Patrick Tatopoulos says Batman’s new home was designed to be “part of nature…its footprint is minimal”.

And now, you can actually take a tour through the best part of Batman’s home — the Batcave!

Well, virtually.

A 360-degree tour of the Batcave is now accessible on Google Maps, and it lets you get up close with the space where Batman stashes the tools of his trade.


Screen grab from Google Maps

As we walk through the glass-and-stone interiors of the Batcave, we immediately come upon the shrine to Robin’s defaced suit. While Dawn of Justice doesn’t go into Robin’s back-story (and why he isn’t part of the film) the implication is that the Boy Wonder – Jason Todd, not Dick Grayson — was murdered by the Joker.


Screen grab from Google Maps

From there, it’s onwards to less sombre sights as we see the Batmobile, parked in all its glory. In Dawn of Justice, the Batmobile isn’t just a repurposed military vehicle, as it was in the Christopher Nolan trilogy. Instead, it’s the vehicle supposed to be built from scratch by Bruce Wayne. In real life, the car was designed by Dennis McCarthy and Patrick Tatopoulos, is 20-feet-long and 12-feet-wide in the back, and among its other super features, has machine guns attached to the front.


Screen grab from Google Maps

On the subject of machine guns — the Batcave holds a major portion of Batman’s arsenal. That’s in addition to his master computer and plenty of work stations for the superhero to test his gadgets, sift through evidence and other vocational requirements.


Screen grab from Google Maps

Want to see more? Take your own tour of the Batcave.

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