Haunted trailer: Netflix's new series recounts real life horror stories of supernatural experiences

FP Staff

Oct 11, 2018 18:54:27 IST

Netflix has dropped the trailer for yet another horror series called Haunted, which is set to begin streaming from 19 October. The first season of the horror reality show of sorts chronicles instances and stories of families who have had peculiar, inexplicable and mostly supernatural experiences which continue to haunt them.

Still from Haunted. YouTube screengrab

Still from Haunted. YouTube screengrab

The trailer depicts snippets of bone-chilling accounts of different people while dramatic representations follow their voice-overs. From unnatural beings to horrific possessions, Haunted offers everything. The trailer gives a first-hand account of what people went through while witnessing such phenomenon.

The series is presented by the executive producers of The Purge and Lore and deals with a single account in each episode. To make audiences more invested in the series, the streaming giant has also started a Reddit thread which enables artists to capture their nightmares in creative representations, transforming their thoughts into interpretations.

Netflix also released artists' interpretive drawings of the few stories depicted during the show's first season.

Haunted begins streaming on Netflix from 19 October. Watch the trailer here.

Updated Date: Oct 11, 2018 18:56:36 IST