Harvey Weinstein sued for allegedly using New York attorney to spy on actress Paz de la Huerta


January 06, 2018 18:37:12 IST

A lawsuit has been filed against Harvey Weinstein which claims that the disgraced Hollywood producer hired an attorney to spy on actor Paz de la Huerta.

In November last year, Huerta had alleged that Weinstein raped her twice in 2010.

Paz de la Huerta and Harvey Weinstein. Agencies

Paz de la Huerta and Harvey Weinstein. Agencies

The complaint claims that Weinstein hired attorney Michael F Rubin to gain information from Huerta, reported Variety.

Rubin apparently also discouraged Huerta to not press charges against Weinstein.

Huerta is represented by attorney Aaron Filler and his firm Tensor Law has filed the lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, Filler claimed that Rubin interfered with his contractual relationship with Huerta, depriving him his legal fees of $20 million.

Rubin, however, has the dismissed the claims made in the lawsuit and said he has never met Weinstein.

"Every allegation in that lawsuit is false... I don't know Harvey Weinstein. I never met Harvey Weinstein. I had nothing but Paz de la Huerta's interests in mind. This guy is upset he lost a potential client," said Rubin.

Updated Date: Jan 06, 2018 18:37 PM