Harvey Weinstein responds to Lupita Nyong'o's accusations; says he has 'different recollection of events'


Oct 22, 2017 11:33:41 IST

Los Angeles: Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein has responded to accusations of sexual harassment made by Lupita Nyong'o, saying he "has a different recollection of the events" that came to light in a op-ed piece written by the Academy Award-winning actor.

The response came a day after the essay appeared, in which Nyong'o detailed a series of alleged sexual harassment encounters that included several explicit passes Weinstein tried to foist on her early in her career, reported Entertainment Weekly.

"Mr Weinstein has a different recollection of the events, but believes Lupita is a brilliant actress and a major force for the industry. Last year, she sent a personal invitation to Mr Weinstein to see her in her Broadway show Eclipsed," Weinstein's representative said in a statement.

Harvey Weinstein responds to Lupita Nyongos accusations; says he has different recollection of events

Harvey Weinstein (left); Lupita Nyong'o (right). Images via Facebook

While a student at the Yale School of Drama, Nyong'o says she was invited to a private screening at Weinstein's home, where he proceeded to ask to give her a massage. Feeling "unsafe," she "panicked" and offered to give him one instead, until he attempted to remove his pants. Nyong'o left, but a few months later, the two met again and Weinstein allegedly propositioned her at a restaurant, an offer she declined, which quickly ended the meeting.

Nyong'o did not see him until the premiere of 12 Years A Slave. He apologised for past behaviours. "I said thank you and left it at that. But I made a quiet promise to myself to never ever work with Harvey Weinstein."

Weinstein is being investigated by the LAPD, NYPD and London police over sexual assault claims, as more women have been coming forward with their stories about the Oscar-winning producer now two weeks after exposes in the New York Times and New Yorker. He, since, has been expelled from the Film Academy and the Producers Guild.

Updated Date: Oct 22, 2017 11:33:41 IST