Harrison Ford turns 75: A look at his memorable films, from American Graffiti to Air Force One

Ankita Maneck

Jul,13 2017 12:25:17 IST

Harrison Ford turns 75 today, and the veteran actor doesn't seem keen on giving up acting or retiring from Hollywood anytime soon. In fact, the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 will have the legendary Harrison Ford facing off against Ryan Gosling in the story of a dystopian world.

Ford has been a part of the film industry for 50 years, so there's a wide bandwidth of work that he has done. Apart from his iconic role as Han Solo in the Star Wars series, and playing an archaeologist gone rogue in Indiana Jones, Ford has acted in plenty of memorable films.

Yes, there's the iconic Blade Runner film by Ridley Scott, but apart from that, here are a few memorable films starring Ford that might have slipped under your radar:

American Graffiti 

Harrison Ford was a young struggling actor who was also working as a carpenter to pay his rent. One day, he got a job to build cabinets for an aspiring filmmaker, who funnily decided to cast his carpenter in his debut film.

George Lucas' coming-of-age story about a group of high school friends doesn't feature a lot of screen time for Harrison Ford as Bob Falfa, but he did get noticed.

This role marked the beginning of the historic collaboration between Lucas and Ford. Lucas went on to direct the Star Wars franchise and he cast Harrison Ford as Han Solo. The director's next big film franchise was about an archaeologist gone rogue, and he cast Ford in that role too.

Regarding Henry

This was one of the first few scripts the then-25-year-old JJ Abrams worked on.

The film follows a Harrison Ford as the hot-shot lawyer Henry, who has been afflicted with amnesia. He tries to rediscover his identity and career with the help of his wife and daughter.

And yes, this means that the second film JJ Abrams ever wrote (the first was Charles Grodin’s Taking Care of Business) starred Harrison Ford and then, 20 or so years later, he’s directing/producing Ford in Star Wars.

Air Force One

The 90s was the time when Hollywood produced countless patriotic films. Though most of them were your regular run-of-the-mill films, one that shone was Air Force One.

Air Force One has Ford playing the President (of the Unites States) who attends a diplomatic dinner in Moscow and praises the recent capture of political extremists by Russian Special Forces.

But when he boards Air Force One to head back to America, he’s met with a surprise: Agents of the terror group he offended are aboard, and they’re not happy. What follows is a the play-off between the hijackers and Ford, which makes you want to ask Ford to give up acting and run for the President.

The Fugitive

Ford again plays a role that has him navigate through an intelligent action plot twist. The story is simple: Doctor Richard Kimble (played by Ford) is wanted for his wife's murder. He says he didn't do it, but the cops don't think so.

Ford tries to prove his innocence and take vengeance on those who framed him in a very Ben Affleck in Gone Girl type of way.

Clear and Present Danger

Harrison Ford's character is again caught in a web of conspiracy. And yet everytime we wait on the edge of the chair till we see him escape.

The film is based on Tom Clancy's novel of the same name. It stars Ford as Jack Ryan who uncovers an illegal operation against drug cartels within the CIA. After this, he is accused of being a part of the drug heist, and even the US President is involved in the conspiracy. But once again, Harrison Ford saves the day.

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