Hans Zimmer to be honoured with Max Steiner Award for achievement in Film Music at Vienna gala


Apr 23, 2018 14:50:35 IST

Oscar-winning music composer Hans Zimmer will be honoured with this year's Max Steiner Award for Film Music Achievement at the annual Hollywood in Vienna concert gala.

The 60-year-old musician will be the 10th recipient of the award, named after the Austrian-born, Oscar winner known for composing scores for classics such as Gone With the Wind and Casablanca.

According to Variety, Zimmer will be bestowed with the honour on 19 October at the Konzerthaus in Vienna for his "innovative contributions to music in film".

Founder and CEO Sandra Tomek of the gala said the composer was the perfect choice for this year's award, especially having recorded projects such as The Crown and Inferno at Vienna's new Synchron Stage. "Hans Zimmer has had a close connection to Vienna for some time now. For a city so rich in music history, it is only fitting to give this award, named after the great Max Steiner, to this exceptional and multi-talented composer," Tomek said.

Hans Zimmer. Reuters

Hans Zimmer. Reuters

The concert will feature several of Zimmer's hit scores including The Da Vinci Code, Inception, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Holiday and Pearl Harbor. The event will also see "new orchestral arrangements" by the composer himself, Tomek added.

Zimmer has been nominated for an Academy Awards 11 times, most recently being Dunkirk. He won the Oscar for Best Original Score in 1994 for Disney's animation film The Lion King. He is also a three-time Grammy winner and two-time Golden Globe winner.

The music maestro joins the list of former recipients such as Danny Elfman, Alexandre Desplat, James Newton Howard, Randy Newman, James Horner, Lalo Schifrin, Alan Silvestri, Howard Shore and John Barry.

Updated Date: Apr 23, 2018 14:50:35 IST