Going Viral review: Even Kunal Roy Kapur can't save this (non) comedy web series

Parul Sharma

September 10, 2017 09:26:15 IST

Eight episodes, each with a duration spanning anywhere between 20-30 minutes, and nine laughs.

I counted.

That's the amount of times I chuckled in what was supposedly comedy.

Going Viral is a newly released web series written and directed by Anuvab Pal starring Kunal Roy Kapur (of Delhi Belly and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani fame) alongside Kubbra Sait, Aneesha Shah, Prabal Panjabi and Abhinav Chaturvedi.

Poster of Going Viral.

Poster of Going Viral.

The eight episode show is about a company called Going Viral Pvt. Ltd. in which Kapur, better known as @Gaurav throughout the entire series, plays the role of the company's boss while his on screen wife Natasha (Sait) is in charge of the accounts and finances. Shravika is their newest CFO (Shah) and Panjabi plays Frehan — the scapegoat of the company. Chaturvedi is Peon. Full stop.

Going Viral Pvt. Ltd. specialises in — you guessed it — making things go viral.

The show had all the ingredients that were required to make it a viewing experience that had substance. In my opinion though, all it did was fall short, on every count. With various hugely talented actors making special appearances throughout this web series, it still couldn't keep me hooked for more than three minutes at a time.

Right from episode one I felt that the comedy was forcibly pushed down the actors' throats as a script requirement for funny quota fulfillment. Kapur has on several occasions shown us just what a powerhouse of talent he is, but even he couldn't keep this already foundering ship from capsizing. Kubbra Sait did what she could, in whatever little was given to her, and little it was (sexy Satya Paul-esque saris and barely-there blouses a.k.a glamour quota requirement).

Panjabi was given a surprising amount of screen time, however there were very few occasions on which he actually delivered and did justice to the trust that the maker's of the show put in him and his acting abilities. There are only so many times that I can laugh at a man in a dress, or a man with his hairy chest out, or a man acting as the'poor play thing' of a woman who's in charge.

All peon did was bring tea, coffee, goats and dwarves into the office (amongst other bizzare props that were supposed to make me laugh, ha ha). Oh and every once in a while he screamed. If it weren't for his dreamy hazel-green eyes I would've probably not added his name to the lead cast credits (I'm betting Pal did too, for the very same reason).

I guess the biggest question in my mind after watching Anuvab Pal's one man conceptualised, created, written and directed web series is how the hell did the man manage this. We had so many expectations from this web series, especially since the news of Pal headlining the project.

The show had one outlandish plot after the other as various people came to the Going Viral office in order to become overnight internet sensations. Bad jokes ran rampant in Going Viral, and I found myself staring blankly at my screen for the most part.

Updated Date: Sep 12, 2017 09:32 AM