Gigi Hadid on Vogue Arabia's debut issue rakes up the cultural appropriation debate

FP Staff

Mar,03 2017 11:35:13 IST

Gigi Hadid just made history as the cover star for Vogue Arabia's first-ever print issue. Starting with this debut issue, the magazine will highlight style and cultural trends pertaining to the Middle East.

For the 23-year-old supermodel, this exciting opportunity is also tied to her own family background, as her father is Palestinian-American. Shortly after the cover was announced, Gigi took to Instagram to share her thoughts.

She wrote, "Being half-Palestinian, it means the world to me to be on the first-ever cover(s) of Vogue Arabia." Adding, "I hope that this magazine will show another layer of the fashion industry's desire to continue to accept, celebrate, and incorporate all people and customs."

Photographed by Inez and Vinoodh and styled by Brandon Maxwell, the evocative images emphasize the supermodel’s Arab roots.

"The collage of countries across the Arab world are long-deserving of a place in fashion history," declares Abdulaziz on Vogue's website, "and there’s no better first 'face' to lead the charge for Vogue Arabia than Gigi, a model who defines tomorrow’s entrepreneurial and dynamic generation."

Her message is certainly well-written and bears good intentions, but that doesn't mean it's going to be well-received by all, considering the backlash recieved by Vogue and Hadid on past misuses of culture appropriation.

Case in point: Vogue's diversity issue featuring Karlie Kloss as a geisha was met with backlash, because fans wondered why an Asian woman was not chosen to play a geisha.

Infact, in the last 13 hours the photo was posted, there has been some backlash on Twitter:

Updated Date: Mar 03, 2017 11:35 AM