Ghajinikanth movie review: Arya is decent but his comic timing isn't as incredible as Nani's from the original

Sreedhar Pillai

Aug 03, 2018 09:43:11 IST


Ghajinikanth is a typical comic entertainer which has its moments of fun. However, it is predictable at every turn and is too long for a situational comedy. The film is a frame-to-frame remake of Telugu director Maruti’s Bhale Bhale Magadivoy, which became a super hit thanks to the terrific comic timing of Nani. In comparison, Arya, who plays the hero here, does not exactly fit the bill but does a decent job.

Ghajinikanth movie review: Arya is decent but his comic timing isnt as incredible as Nanis from the original

Arya and Sayyesha in a still from Ghajinikanth. YouTube

The director of the film, Santhosh P Jayakumar, who made two back-to-back adult comedy hits, wants an image makeover here, which works to a large extent. Ghajinikanth is devoid of double entendre and skin show seen in his earlier films. It is family friendly with its slapstick humour formula.

The storyline is simple and straightforward. Our hero Rajinikanth (Arya) was born in a cinema theatre while his dad (Naren), a crazy fan of the superstar, and his mother (Uma Iyer) was watching Dharmathin Thalaivan. And like one of the characters that Rajinikanth plays in the film, our hero too has a forgetful nature and has very little attention span. He becomes an embarrassment for his family as at a crucial meeting, he comes in his underwear as he has forgotten to wear his pants.

Rajinikanth cannot get a suitable bride due to his forgetfulness which leads to hilarious situations. He has to seek help from his friends (Sathish and Karunakaran) to bail him out in many 'difficult' situations. A prospective girl’s father Sathyamoorthi (Sampath) waits for hours to meet him but he is totally blank about the meeting. Sathyamoorthy swears that he will never allow his daughter to marry such an irresponsible idiot. But soon our hero meets the ‘dream girl’ Vandhana (Sayyeshaa), he is bowled over by her simplicity and caring nature. Rajinikanth tries to hide his weakness to woo Vandhana, who is Sathyamoorthi’s daughter. She too falls for his caring nature, leading to funny situations. There is also a comic villain police officer who wants to marry Vandhana, leading to further twists and turns.

The climax has not been well written and is so predictable for that “all is well that ends well” ending. The logic behind the hero’s memory loss scenes are vague and in modern times, it could have been a little more convincing. The concept of the film is just to make the audiences laugh and that has worked in bits and parts. Balamurali Balu’s songs and background score make the film peppy. And Ballu’s cinematography is eyecatching.

Arya's acting ability is just adequate while Sayyeshaa, who plays a trained Kuchupudi dancer, looks stunning and is getting better with every film. Sathish is a scream as the hero's friend while Naren, as his father, and Sampath, as his prospective father-in-law, have performed well. The film moves at a leisurely pace and could have been trimmed more in the first half. Overall, if you have nothing else to do, Ghajinikanth is a time-pass entertainer.

Updated Date: Aug 03, 2018 09:43:11 IST