Gary Oldman's ex-wife opens up about the 'darkest hours' of her marriage to Oscar-nominated actor

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Feb,05 2018 17:19:14 IST

An ex-wife of Gary Oldman, a frontrunner for the Best Actor Oscar this year for Darkest Hour, has opened up about the darkest moments of her four-year marriage with him.

Donya Fiorentino, Oldman's third wife, told the Daily Mail that the actor "yelled at me constantly, ruined my life and stole my children" during their marriage. While she acknowledges her husband's acting prowess, she terms her marriage to him as a ‘nightmare’ and a ‘giant car crash’. She wants him to take responsibility for the physical and emotional abuse, which she says broke her and made her lose her self-esteem.

British actor Gary Oldman and wife Donya Fiorentino arrive as guests for the premiere of the new science fiction film "Alien Resurrection" November 20 in Los Angeles. The film stars Sigourney-Weaver as "-Ripley" in the film which for the first time features fully-articulated, computer generated aliens and Winona-Ryder who portrays "Call" who helps to combat the alien menace. The film opens in the United States November 26. - PBEAHUMRGBY

British actor Gary Oldman and wife Donya Fiorentino arrive at the 1997 premiere of Alien Resurrection in Los Angeles.

Breaking a vow of silence emboldened by the #MeToo movement sweeping Hollywood, the former model says she wants the world and her children to know the reality about Oldman.

She finally filed for divorce in 2001, accusing Oldman of beating her with a phone handset after she tried to dial 911. “It happened a long time ago but was incredibly traumatising to me because he hit me in front of the kids,” she said.

Living on a houseboat in the Florida Keys, Fiorentino is almost penniless. But she insists that the reason she's speaking out is not to hurt the esteemed actor.

Since his divorce with Fiorentino, Oldman has become one of Britain's most successful exports to Hollywood, starring as Sirius Black in the Harry Potter series and in blockbusters such as Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Oldman won the award for Best Actor at the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards this year for his portrayal of Winston Churchill's steely leadership of Britain in World War II in Darkest Hour.

Updated Date: Feb 05, 2018 17:19 PM