'Game of Thrones': Six narrative arcs that will define this much-awaited season

Nimish Sawant

Apr 26, 2016 14:32:50 IST

Game of Thrones Season 6 has begun. And thankfully, for the first time, we have been able to legally stream an uncensored version of the HBO Original on an Indian site - Hotstar.

While season openers are generally laid back affairs, getting the audience comfortable enough for the upcoming shows - this is Game of Thrones we are talking about, and there was nothing comfortable about episode 1.

Who will be the King? The list grows shorter. YouTube

Who will be the King? The list grows shorter. YouTube

This season opener has revealed many sub-plots, which has certainly made the wait for episode 2 that much more longer. Episode 1 was all about the powerful female characters in the series, rach getting a narrative arc that will define Season 6. And yes, within 30 minutes of the show, there are two characters who are killed off. #sorrynotsorry

Although it is difficult to keep this post spoiler-free, we will try our best to do so, at the same time giving you an appetizer before you consume the first episode of Game of Thrones.

Jon Snow and Castle Black
Is he really dead? We still don’t know. Yes, the episode begins with the ‘supposedly’ dead Snow left at the same spot he was in the Season 5 finale. Ser Davos, Ghost and Snow’s loyal friends are guarding his body from Alliser Thorne - who openly admits to killing Snow and is now the new leader of the Nights Watch and Castle Black. Melisandre makes an entrance, but more on her later.

Cersei - The wounded lioness
Cersei is back in Kings Landing, awaiting the return of her daughter Myrcella from Dorne. But seeing the lone Jamie return, she guesses the inevitable. In one of the most vulnerable moments of the episode Cersei recalls a prophecy by a witch, “All your children will die before you.” To which Jamie tells her that they should only think of “getting back everything we’ve lost”. Cersei has just got more motivation to continue being the mean queen, and we like it.

Brienne of Tarth fulfills her vow
Brienne has finally fulfilled her vow (which she gave to the dying Lady Star), at least in part. Theon Greyjoy, while helping Sansa Stark escape from the Bolton’s armies and hounds, decides to sacrifice himself in order to save Sansa. Little does he know that Brienne has a similar plan, but instead of sacrificing self, she fights and wins. And then takes the oath to protect Lady Sansa Stark.

Mother of Dragons’ ‘Homecoming’?
Danaerys has been arrested by the Dothraki who bring her to their Khal, who makes no bones about the fact that he wants to impregnate her. Once the Mother of Dragons reveals her true identity - that of being a widow of Khal Drogo - the Khal retracts and cuts off her handcuffs. She is told that she will be sent to Vaes Dothrak, to spend the rest of her days with the other widows of the khalasaar. Will Jorah and Daario, who are on her trail, get to her in time? Only time will tell.

‘A weak man will never rule Dorne again’
We will leave it at that, as anything said here will be a spoiler.

The Red Woman
Melissandre has been the most fascinating character from the moment we first saw her in Season 2. This season opener, we see a completely different side of her. The supremely confident Red Woman is more morose and melancholic - having just lost her King Stannis and more recently Jon Snow, we just see Melissandre looking over Jon Snow’s body along with the loyal Nights Watch soldiers, and then retiring to her room.

It’s the final moments of the episode, when we learn why the episode was actually named ‘The Red Woman’. This is a twist worth waiting for.

There were many more new narrative arcs - such as the walk around Mereen with Tyrion and Varys who are seen discussing the practicalities of ruling from a high pyramid in isolated Mereen; the talk between Ramsay and his step-father about inheritance; a blind Arya begging on the streets of Braavos and more.

Till Bran Stark and Hodor come on to the scene, we feel the six narratives discussed above, are the ones that will be taking a larger shape in the season to come.

Watch the trailer of season 6 here:

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