Game of Thrones: Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen are officially a thing and fans are having a meltdown

FP Staff

Aug 28, 2017 13:16:08 IST

To say that Kit Harington's Jon Snow and Emilia Clarke's Daenerys Targaryen are two of the best loved characters on Game of Thrones is an understatement of proportions as epic as the HBO show itself.

They're good, honourable and valiant, and it doesn't hurt that they're pretty damn attractive, too. One of the aspects most integral to the build-up of the season seven finale was their relationship and Jon's true identity — would they be a couple? Would Jon be the father of dragons? Was Rhaegar Targaryen truly his father?

[Spoilers ahead]

It happened!

After a lot of speculation and amidst hope on the part of most fans and disgust on the part of a few others, Jon and Daenerys finally got together. Not that it was entirely unexpected, because viewers saw the obvious signs: their first interaction in the Throne Room, the fact that Dany was by his side as he recovered, that moment when he petted Drogon and Dany's decision to join him on the ship to sail to White Harbour.

The finale sent Twitter into a frenzy, obviously. People could not contain their feelings; some were too affected by yet another instance of incestuous love, others couldn't get over the chemistry of the pair, and a small minority are in mourning for Ser Jorah.

And, to sum up our thoughts about the next season:

Updated Date: Aug 28, 2017 13:16:08 IST