Game of Thrones: HBO Spain airs an hour of season 7's episode 6, a week before scheduled telecast

FP Staff

Aug,16 2017 11:54:17 IST

Poor HBO. The network is having just as bad a time as the Lannister army did, in the battle of Tumbleton (aka the 'loot train attack') on its flagship show, Game of Thrones.

Days after a hack that led to 1.5 terabytes of data being stolen from its servers, and an online leak of Game of Thrones season 7 episode 4 before its scheduled telecast, HBO has been hit by another setback.

This time, it was HBO Spain incorrectly airing episode 6 (telecast date: 20 August for the US) in place of episode 5.

As viewers in Spain reported, HBO aired an hour of the wrong episode, leading to more spoilers being leaked on the internet.

A reddit user posted a screenshot from episode 6 that depicts Jon Snow and Tormund walking beyond the Wall in their quest to capture a white walker:

Image via reddit

Image via reddit

Game of Thrones has been among the most pirated TV shows of recent times. However, HBO and showrunners DB Weiss and David Benioff have made constant attempts to keep spoilers and leaks to a minimum. This has proven to be difficult, given the excessive scrutiny everything from cast members' Twitter timelines to sneaky on-location photos and the original source material — the Song of Ice and Fire books by GRR Martin — receive.

Scripts of unreleased Game of Thrones season 7 episodes were leaked online after the HBO hack. In India, three employees (and a fourth former worker) of Prime Focus Technologies, were arrested in connection with the illegal leak of episode 4 of this season.

Updated Date: Aug 16, 2017 11:54 AM