Gal Gadot talks about her experiences filming Wonder Woman; shares details of sequel

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Jan 06, 2018 18:41:20 IST

The past year (2017) in Hollywood will be remembered for a range of things: From the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment exposé which opened a Pandora's box of sorts within the media industry, to the eventful win of Moonlight as the Best Picture at the Oscars. There were films that released and created new perspectives and narratives in Hollywood. One of the most prominent names among those trendsetting films was Wonder Woman, starring a relative new comer Gal Gadot, and as they say — the rest is history.

 Gal Gadot talks about her experiences filming Wonder Woman; shares details of sequel

Gal Gadot in and as Wonder Woman. Image from Facebook/@wonderwomanfilm

Gadot has emerged as one of those stars who made it big in 2017 and now shoulders the herculean task of maintaining that superstardom.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gadot explains how Wonder Woman happened and whether she had anticipated what was to follow post the film's release.

It won't be wrong to say that Gadot arrived before Wonder Woman (the film) happened. Her 10-minute stint in DC's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (with that signature tune) has time and again been called the best part of the entire film. And that's what came to be the precursor to the Gal Gadot-Wonder Woman phenomenon that DC and Warner Bros are cashing on.

"I read all the articles about how the previous female-led superhero movies didn’t work out very well. It took over 13 years for the studio to really go and shoot Wonder Woman. But once the decision was made, I didn’t (feel) fear. And after I witnessed how the audience reacted to Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman I was sure that it was going to do well, I just didn’t know how well," Gadot says in the interview.

Youtube screengrab

Still from Wonder Woman. YouTube screengrab

Having shouldered such an iconic role, does it become hard to maintain the 'role-model' image? Gadot explains, "It’s a complicated question because it’s not like I want to be a role model. For me, I’m a really boring person. I get all the exciting action stuff when I’m acting. Because in real life, I’m married, I’m a mother. I’m not into going out and partying. It’s not who I am. So it’s kind of easy because I’m not reckless at all and because I have two girls. It’s important to me that when they grow up if they see me do something that they’ll feel comfortable with it."

Gadot tells how she is "psyched" about telling the further story of Wonder Woman who has not been looked at closely on screen, apart from the Lynda Carter-starrer TV show. "There’s so much to explore with this character who has 75 years of legacy, there’s so much material and so many ways," says Gadot who hasn't made up her mind when she plans to part ways with the character in the future, she just ends with saying, "Once I’m there, once I feel it’s time to move on, then I’ll know. Right now I don’t know."

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Updated Date: Jan 06, 2018 18:41:20 IST