Gabbar Is Back trailer: Watch Akshay Kumar rehash Sholay and repeat himself


Mar 24, 2015 13:10:39 IST

At the trailer launch of Gabbar Is Back, actor Akshay Kumar clarified that 'this film is not Sholay 2'. One look at the trailer will tell you that the actor was speaking the truth. On the other hand, the trailer also reveals one not so joyous detail: anything that seems remotely exciting about this film has in fact been rehashed from Sholay.

Gabbar Is Back trailer: Watch Akshay Kumar rehash Sholay and repeat himself

Courtesy: Facebook, Gabbar official page.

Gabbar is Back  is named after Sholay's iconic villain, Gabbar Singh. It just happens to be Kumar's name in the film and the trailer tells us Kumar's Gabbar is a vigilante who has taken it upon himself to end corruption in India.

Of course, this Gabbar is no regular activist or vigilante. He doesn't join marches to protest against scams or refuse to bribe government officials to get his work done. Kumar's Gabbar is a superhero sans the superpowers. Like Batman has his Batmobile and Spiderman has his webs, Gabbar has his - wait for it - "PWD", the power wala danda, if you please.

You can watch the trailer here:

Apart from the title, you may also note that this vigilante Gabbar borrows dialogues from Amjad Khan's Gabbar. These dialogues may help you differentiate Gabbar Is Back from any other Akshay Kumar film because if this trailer is any indication, those Sholay-flavoured lines are the only thing making Gabbar is Back distinctive. Much like Kumar's other films, in this one, he bashes bad guys, falls for a pretty girl (Shruti Haasan) who spends most of her time playing cute around him, and delivers punchlines while looking macho and very, very angry.

Not just that, like much of Kumar's recent filmography, Gabbar Is Back is a remake of a Tamil film. Reportedly, it borrows it script from Ramanaa, directed by AR Murugadoss and starring Vijaykanth.

The movie has been directed by Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi and is being produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Viacom 18 Motion Pictures.  Gabbar is Back is slated for a 1 May release.

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