From 'Hulk'at to 'hara-me': #IfHulkWasIndian trends on Twitter with hilarious puns

FP Staff

Sep 15, 2015 12:51:07 IST

During the 90s, possibly the only superheros we had access to as an Indian audience was Shaktiman, He-man and for those lucky ones who could buy comics, Batman and Spiderman. But now, from Captain America, Ant Man to the Amazing Spiderman, we love our superheros in all shapes in sizes.

On Tuesday morning, Twitter took its superhero fandom to another level. With some hilarious analogies to the #meatban, Arnab Goswami and good old politics, #IfHulkWasIndian was seen trending for the most part of the morning. Here are some tweets:

Hulk, smash!

Madhuri would be proud:

Politically inclined, much?

Sorry, Sooraj Pancholi!

There's no escaping it.

Sanjay Gupta, are you listening?

Desi swag

Make way for the puns:

And finally, our favorite:

Updated Date: Sep 15, 2015 12:51:07 IST