Fifty Shades Freed new trailer is out and Twitter just can't get enough of its ridiculousness

FP Staff

January 03, 2018 19:25:50 IST

The Fifty Shades fever, which reached its height in 2015 with the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, is gradually coming to an end. After last year's Fifty Shades Darker, the franchise is out with trailers for Fifty Shades Freed, the last installment in the Fifty Shades trilogy. The latest trailer is filled with familiar Fifty Shades elements such as expensive cars, luxurious mansions, exotic locations, Jamie Dornan's abs, and, of course, lots of fancy-yet-deviant sex.

The movies, based on novels written by author EL James on a BlackBerry, have been widely panned by critics and moviegoers alike for its uninspiring storytelling, bland acting, over-dramatic romance sequences, and extremely cringe-worthy bondage sex scenes. Christian Grey, the lead character in the Fifty Shades trilogy, comes off as a heroic figure who is great with the ladies whereas he's just a predator who gets away with anything because of his money and the charming smile.

The latest trailer is packed with too many things. Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey (Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan) are seen tying the knot. This celebration of marriage is followed by an extravagant vacation, some more vacations, shopping for a new house, and an elaborate car chase in an Audi. The trailer also shows the budding jealousy in Ana's heart, and her attempts to make her newly-wed husband jealous in return. Then there's the 'climax' pun at the end of the trailer (which just doesn't seem to get old).

People across social media noticed the unusual occurrences in the trailer for Fifty Shades Freed and their reactions to it has been hilarious.

You can watch the new trailer here.

Fifty Shades Freed has been directed by James Foley and will released this Valentine's Day.

Updated Date: Jan 03, 2018 19:25 PM