Farah Khan begins scripting for Main Hoon Na 2

FP Staff

Nov 26, 2016 14:42:50 IST

Filmmaker Farah Khan has announced that after directing the blockbuster Happy New Year, she has started writing the script of Main Hoon Na 2, the sequel to her immensely successful directorial debut Main Hoon Na.

Farah Khan begins scripting for Main Hoon Na 2

Farah Khan and Shah Rukh Khan

DNA reports that the choreographer-turned-director broke the news on Zarine Khan's chat show Spices and Secrets. She appeared on the show alongside actor Jackie Shroff and announced that her next Main Hoon Na 2 is in the pre-production stage, much to the delight of Zarine whose son Zayed Khan was an integral part of the film.

Farah has maintained that the film hold great emotional value in her life. She got emotional on the 10th anniversary of the release of the film and tweeted videos and pictures from the film along with nostalgic messages. The lead actor of the film Shah Rukh Khan responded to the tweets by asking Farah to plan a sequel, as per a report by The Indian Express.

A couple of years later, tables turned. It was Shah Rukh who got emotional on the 12th anniversary of the film and tweeted about the same, thanking the cast and crew of the personally. That time, it was Farah who replied saying, "Come on let's plan part two."

Though the tweets got the fans of the film excited, they were apprehensive of the entire hype being brushed aside in humour. Farah has always maintained that she does not want to create a franchise just for the sake of it and will not make a sequel unless it is driven by a good story.

In an article to Topyaps, she said, "Rarely has a sequel beaten the popularity of the original, even in Hollywood. The only thing the sequel always makes is more money. Maybe Dhoom 2 (2006) was better (story-wise) than the original Dhoom (2004). But I feel, usually, franchises simply cash in on the success of the original. Main Hoon Na had no loose ends that could be used to make a sequel."

It seems like Farah has found a loose end as the creative bug in her is at work again! Clearly, a franchise is born.

Updated Date: Nov 26, 2016 14:43:25 IST