Emotional Atyachaar is trash TV at its best

Rajyasree Sen

Jan 31, 2013 13:55:20 IST

Come Republic Day and the Republic of philanderers graced our television screens once again.  Unfurling the infidelity-and we-want-our-2-minutes-of-fame flag for a few months to come, Emotional Atyachaar is back on Bindaas in its fourth season. You’d think that they’d have managed to run through the country’s quota of publicity-hungry young lovers by now, but you’d be wrong.

Now judge me all you want, but I quite like Emotional Atyachaar. This is trash TV at its best. Nothing can make you feel more relaxed after dealing with work, outstanding bills, subaltern troubles and the traffic in the city – than coming home, switching on the telly and watching something so mindless.

Emotional Atyachaar is trash TV at its best

The logo for the show Emotional Atyachaar.

Boys and girls airing their dirty linen in public with not a care for what the neighbourhood aunty will think about them. It just puts things in perspective.  Suddenly your own life doesn't seem as bad. At least you don’t have to go on Bindass and narrate your abysmal love story to earn a quick buck and satiate your love for fame.

First off, for the Emotional Atyachaar-virgins, the show features girls or boys who think their partners are cheating on them and tries to catch their cheating halves on camera. The show specialises in setting up honey-traps to help tempt the cheaters. A lot of spy equipment and hidden cameras and audio recording equipment is used and the entire covert operation is videotaped. And there’s a compassionate host who lends a burly shoulder and kind ear to the cuckolded ones.

So what’s new about this season of Emotional Atyachaar, with the tagline “Nothing will shock you more”? Well, not the host. He has been kept the same. Which is a good thing, since Pravesh Rana is the best thing about the show. He seems to be genuinely concerned and empathetic when greeted by strange paramours and even stranger tales of adultery. No judgment, no denouncement of their low intellect and even lower sense of self, not even a raised eyebrow.

But it seems that this time around the programme is going to have a tougher time getting couples on the show. Supposedly after the first two seasons, not only were cheating not-so-fame-hungry philanderers more wary of being caught on camera, a few couples even set up the Emotional Atyachaar crew and pretended to be couples just so they could be on camera. So the first episode of the new season had a girl called Goonj narrate her sad love story to Pravesh, while it was enacted by other actors.

The girl had been cheated on by her boyfriend who she’d set a honey-trap of her own for, and as punishment she went and ratted him out to his new fiancée when she heard that he’d moved on and was getting married. So not only was she a psycho who asked her friend to seduce her boyfriend to test his fidelity, she also drove home the fact that she was indeed a little loopy by bursting into her fiancee’s house and narrating how he’d cheated on her at one point.  Goonj was allegedly appearing on the programme so her story could act as a lesson to other girls who are being led up the garden path. How altruistic, really.

The girl did say something most ironic. That one of her friends had told her that “Emotional Atyachaar dekh dekh ke tera dimaag gaya hai”. Which loosely translates into “After constantly watching Emotional Atyachaar, the girl had lost her mind”. She also related how she had found a hair clip and a condom in her boyfriend’s car, which was a clear sign that he was cheating on her. Pravesh immediately looked into the camera and informed us viewers that if we suspect our partners, we should check their cars. So if your boyfriend isn’t already cheating on you, he’ll definitely dump you for being a psychotic suspicious wench. Way to go. Also, maybe Pravesh could have looked a little less pleased when he thinks that the girl was indeed being cheated on.

What was more entertaining than the show though, were the products which were advertised for during the ad breaks. Rarely have I seen such inspired media buying. First up was a deodorant called Envy 1000, with the tagline “All envy, no gas…”. This was followed by Skore condoms with the tagline – “There’s a lot to be won”. Interspersed with Hrithik advertising Macroman Inners.

You could almost imagine the messaging. Wear Macroman inners like Hrithik does, spray yourself with Envy 1000 and you’ll definitely get the chance to put that Skore condom to good use.

This season seems to be missing the skankiness of the last few seasons, though. But then again, maybe they’re just warming up. Going by past experience, I’m certain Emotional Atyachaar won’t let me down.

You can watch it on Bindass every Saturday at 7pm.

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