Emmys red carpet highlights: Amy Poehler's Beyonce act and Bryan Cranston's new moustache

Deepanjana Pal

Aug 26, 2014 12:10:49 IST

The only good thing about waking up at 5am to watch the live telecast of a high-fashion event happening in Los Angeles is that you can feel some satisfaction at sitting with bed hair, in your jammies and being entirely within your rights to pass judgements upon the carefully-cultivated, haute couture looks of the stars. Girls' Lena Dunham, however, has robbed us of that solitary joy. She came out wearing the top of her night suit and a massive, frilly skirt that made her look like a doll cake.

Sarah Paulson, on the other hand, took the whole business of being part of American Horror Story a little too seriously in her off screen life. Her dress is clearly attacking her — what are those red spots? — and we're *this* close to calling Ghostbusters. Or David Attenborough, because we may have last spotted what's on Paulson's dress in Planet Earth's exploration of the deep seas.

Speaking of horror, the real Minnie Driver has been replaced by a life-sized bobble-head doll. It's very scary, especially if you're watching her skeletal frame and grinning face at twilight.

Two moments of Indian pride: Mad Men's January Jones wore a lovely red dress designed by Prabal Gurung. Mindy Kaling wore Kenzo dress and looked precisely as stylishly cute as we expect the creator and star of The Mindy Project to be. It's a terrible shame that her show wasn't nominated, but look at that, she came to watch the show anyway. (It's the sort of thing that takes those of us who get Bollywood awards shows by surprise.)

There was a lot of red on the red carpet and in a few cases, we're certain that the stylists were so lazy that they just sliced up the actual red carpet and velvet ropes, and wrapped the star in it. Like Allison Janney, for instance.

 Emmys red carpet highlights: Amy Poehlers Beyonce act and Bryan Cranstons new moustache

Amy Poehler taking inspiration from Disco ball.

The disco ball was quite popular on the red carpet this year, with a number of ladies discovering their inner Beyoncé, notably Amy Poehler and Hayden Pannettiere and her baby bump.

Sarah Silverman deserves an award not for her dress, but for being able to bring pot (i.e. marijuana) into a red carpet conversation. Brava! Although it's a little worrying that Silverman thinks she's going to, ahem, medicinal aid to get through the evening.

It's hard being a man at an awards' show. You get to choose between a black dinner jacket and a black dinner jacket. Of course, if you look as good as Matt Bomer, you manage to make that boring outfit seem ridiculously dishy. Or you could be Matthew McConaughey, who decided to wear electric blue jacket, pants and — wait for it — blue shoes.

Bryan Cranston is dealing with the end of Breaking Bad by...growing a moustache. A thin moustache, last spotted on a mid-level bureaucrat in the BMC. On the subject of facial hair, Jon Hamm is now sporting a beard. Give us a moment while we do the ice bucket challenge, to promote hormonal stability.

Julia Roberts wore a shiny little dress that looked great until you saw it in close up. The material looks like it's breaking out in boils. Somewhere in the middle of the Emmys, Roberts' dress will hatch and a million little creatures will swarm the stage.

While the Oscars' red carpet is all about thin people, the good thing about the Emmys is that television stars come in all shapes and sizes. So it wasn't all protruding clavicles and geometric jawlines, we also saw curves being flaunted stylishly, thanks to people like Melissa McCarthy, Sofia Vergara and Christina Hendricks.

The actor who totally won the red carpet round at this year's Emmys was Lizzy Kaplan, who stars in the fantastic Masters of Sex. She wore a Donna Karan Atelier dress in black and a white. It's got a back that's swoon-worthy and everything about Kaplan's look was just perfect.

Updated Date: Aug 26, 2014 12:10:49 IST