Emmys 2014: Ty Burrell wins best supporting actor for Modern Family

Deepanjana Pal

Aug 26, 2014 07:33:52 IST

It's the 66th Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards and you could argue that these are better paisa vasool than the Oscars, given it's the golden age of television. At least that's what got us out of bed at 5am anyway.

Host Seth Meyers isn't helping Project Stay Awake Through The Emmys

Meyers is so gentle and sweet that it seems a little mean to point out he's also, well, boring. When the major source of excitement and comedy is that the Emmys are taking place on a Monday night, it's not a good sign. Only kids who have been allowed to stay up late and miss school on Tuesday should be this excited about a party on Monday night.

Emmys 2014: Ty Burrell wins best supporting actor for Modern Family

TY Burrell before the awards kicked off. AFP.

Amy Poehler, we love you. She's the first presenter of the evening and everyone who had started dozing after Meyers's intro must have jolted to wakefulness when Poehler announced she was here to present the award for "best onscreen orgasm in a civil war re-enactment."
Actually, it's the award for the best supporting actor in a comedy series.

Ty Burrell wins in the Supporting Actor in a Comedy category. Win number one for Modern Family. A moment's silence for all those who were rooting for Jesse Tyler Ferguson. At least Burrell gave a lovely, funny little speech.

Oh look! Manny's on camera.

The award for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series goes to Louis CK for Louie: So did the Fat Lady. He will probably also get the award for the most bland acceptance speech of the evening. (We still love Louis CK, even though he looks entirely too orange.)

Praise the television gods, Jimmy Kimmel is here and he's actually funny. "Is that Matthew McConaughey?" Kimmel said, peering at the actor who was unmissable in his electric blue ensemble.

"You got so fat since the Oscars, I almost didn't recognise you." We're quite certain the loudness of the applause comes from the ladies. But Kimmel has more for McConaughey: "How many of those speeches of yours are we supposed to sit through? I mean, alright alright alright already."

Kimmel goes on to observe McConaughey doesn't have a television face.

"Ricky Gervais, now that is a television face. Actually, it's not even a television face. It's a Netflix face." Gervais, well known for being horribly nasty when he's a host, does have it in him to laugh out loud.

Allison Janney wins Supporting Actress in a Comedy for her performance in Mom.

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