Emma Watson opens up on the 'full spectrum' of sexual harassment she's faced in Hollywood

FP Staff

Jan 10, 2018 13:24:57 IST

The 75th Golden Globe Awards did more than just honour the best of TV and movies in 2017; it gave a much needed momentum to the 'Time's Up' movement.

What started as a series of investigative reports in The New York Times alleging sexual misconduct by Hollywood-mogul Harvey Weinstein, culminated into the #MeToo movement which prompted more and more victims of sexual abuse to come forward.

On Sunday, at the Golden Globes, most guests decided to wear all-black attires as a sign of protest. Amidst all of this, Harry Potter star Emma Watson revealed her experiences with sexual harassment in Hollywood and how it affects a lot of people who works in the industry.

Emma Watson with Marai Larasi at the Golden Globes/Image from Twitter.

Emma Watson with Marai Larasi at the Golden Globes/Image from Twitter.

Watson, 27, said she has “experienced the full spectrum” of sexual harassment while working in the movie industry.

The actress spoke to Variety about the issue of sexual misconduct in Hollywood and how it affects working females on a regular basis. Standing alongside Marai Larasi, activist and executive director of black feminist organisation Imkaan, Watson said, “it’s amazing because I have experienced the full spectrum, but I think that for me, what is amazing is that my experiences are not unique, the experiences of my friends are not unique, the experiences of my colleagues are not unique. This issue is so systemic, structural.”

Watson also said that the recent uproar among Hollywood celebrities and demands of women for equality in the movie industry is only just the beginning. Watson said, "you realise if you speak to most women they have an experience, they have a story. We’re just uncovering. We’re just scratching the surface of this."

Both Emma Watson and Marai Larasi wore black to red carpet to protest and raise awareness against rampant sexual harassment in Hollywood.

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