Electronica band Midival Punditz is back with album after 6 years


Apr 20, 2015 11:57:43 IST

New Delhi: After a six year wait, veteran electronica band Midival Punditz is ready with its fourth studio album "Light," filled with rich folk influences and featuring a medley of musicians across different genres.

Comprising Delhi duo Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj, the band has been on a four city tour to give fans a preview of their latest work, scheduled to launch on April 28.

Electronica band Midival Punditz is back with album after 6 years

Midival Punditz. Image from their Facebook page.

The band recently toured Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore as part of 'The Step Up by Johnnie Walker, Midival Punditz Light - Album Launch Tour'.

The event here saw a huge number of music enthusiasts grooving with opening acts by Curtain Blue, the Delhi-based electronic music artist and Viraj Mohan, the winner of the Step Up challenge before the Midival Punditz took over the stage with their Indian folk infused with electronic beats.

The album that took two years in making includes performance based songs and marks the band's venture into Indian classical and folk's fusion with electronica.

After their previous hit 'Twilight' the band has again collaborated with Rajasthani folk singer Kutle Khan for the track 'Baanwarey' making it the highlight of the new album.

Working extensively on making their music an audio-visual treat, the duo say they made the album 'Light' for a more lively feel so as to reciprocate the experience of a live event for the listener.

"This album is Midival Punditz sound but it's got a lot of Indian folk. We thought about the fact that consumption of music in this day and ages is going out of CDs, people listen to singles a lot and live shows are a hit these days.

"Realising this fact that we made an album which is based around a live show and we understood that folk is something we want work with. It's got its own rustiness, a lot of reality," Gaurav Raina, one half of Midival Punditz told PTI in an interview.

While for some artists, collaborations with other musicians becomes a tricky job in attempting to combine different creative spheres and musical knowledge, the Delhi-based duo welcomes collaborations.

Their new album features a bouquet of musicians such as flautist Pt Ajay Prasanna, Papo, classical singer Malini Awasthi and American Producer Todd Michaelsen to name a few.


Updated Date: Apr 20, 2015 11:57:43 IST