Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You is trending again: Watch the latest Salman Khan version

FP Staff

April 18, 2017 10:41:02 IST

Social media is not yet tired of Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You and the million versions that came after.

The latest to hit the block and leave the internet in splits is this new Salman Khan mashup. The original song Ek Garam Chai Ki Pyaali ho is from Khan's 2000 film Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega. The 2000's hit track's video has now been jazzed up with Shape Of You and it is well, quite apt we must say.

Now, we are sure just like us, the sound of it made you go like 'Oh my god, not another one!' But trust us when we say this one is the best among the Bollywood attempts so far. Khan gives us some apt moves to groove to for Shape Of You.

Now that you have watched it, here is a fun fact. 'Bhai' fans even flooded social media with comments about this version, which has now over 2 million views, think it is even better than the original! What do you guys think? Before another version pops up and we have social media battling about which spoof/adaptation is better, we'll better leave.

Or, wait you never know, we will be right back to present to you one more of these hilarious takes on the record breaking track.

Updated Date: Apr 18, 2017 10:58 AM