Ed Sheeran's Happier video stars a puppet and a balloon, and still manages to be heartbreaking

FP Staff

Apr 29, 2018 15:20:37 IST

The video for Ed Sheeran's "Happier" is here and it is rather... quirky.

Starring a puppet who is unmistakably a stand in for the Game of Thrones star, the video tells the story of a man whose girlfriend (a woman made of balloons) has moved on. She is dating another puppet and is clearly happier with him. The Sheeran puppet takes to drink and fantasises about beating up the new boyfriend. He eventually comes to peace with the whole situation even though he promises to be there for her if her heart gets broken again.

While the video uses the toys as its stars, it still uses humans to portray the side characters (shopkeepers, drivers etc). It also portrays flashbacks in a format reminiscent of VHS tapes which are done rather neatly.

"Happier" did not have an official video earlier but a fan-made video which had overlaid the song on clips from the Alice Eve, Chris Evans-starrer Before We Go has racked up over 66 million views on YouTube.

Sheeran fans will remember the puppet from the video for another song on the album, "Sing".

"Happier" was part of Sheeran's third studio album Divide and received critical praise for being its most heartbreaking track.

Updated Date: Apr 29, 2018 15:20:37 IST