Eat eight meals a day and get Hrithik Roshan's body

Simantini Dey

May 09, 2013 16:42:15 IST

It may have been Salman Khan who made the shirtless look famous, but it was Hrithik Roshan's six pack in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai that changed male torsos in Bollywood forever. All the leading men have since spent many extra hours in the gym, and few have achieved the muscle tone that Roshan displays each time he loses his shirt.

And the Agneepath actor knows this well. At the launch of The Guide to Your Best Body, written by physical trainer Kris Gethin, Roshan didn't hesitate when he was asked who has the best body in Bollywood. "I have the best body," he said, without the slightest attempt at modesty. Describing his idea of best body Roshan said, "The best body is the body you are happy with. Whether you have six pack or not isn't important. If you are healthy then you will definitely be happy with it and that will be your best body."

However, according to Roshan though, the credit for Roshan's flawless physique goes to Kris Gethin. Gethin has been working with Roshan to prepare him physically for his superhero act in Krrish 3.

Eat eight meals a day and get Hrithik Roshans body

Hrithik Roshan and Kris Gethin. Sachin Gokhale/Firstpost

The action sequences of the film are very physically demanding and Roshan felt that he needed some professional help. He came across Gethin's book and felt like it was a divine serendipity.

"Perhaps it was a sign from God that his name was Kris and I was training for Krrish which is the name of my people's hero. I figured we might try this out," said Roshan, explaining why he decided to work with Gethin.

While Roshan found his dronacharya in Gethin, the trainer is all praises for his star pupil. "Hrithik is a very easy person to work with," said Gethin. "He had had some training in the past and he knows his body well and the best thing about him is the fact that he wants to pass on his learning to others. Like he has already inspired his family about it and now his sister is looking fit, his father is in good shape and his mother Pinki is looking phenomenal."

It seems fitness, like charity begins at home for Hrithik.

Speaking about obesity in children, he said, "You have to set an example to them about everything, be it discipline, will power, dedication. All these things are learnt through you by examples." Roshan emphasised that one needn't starve themselves to achieve a perfect body. "I eat eight heavy meals in a day," he said. "The thing is, you don't have to starve yourself. There is so much of misinformation and bad conditioning among people, they think that to have a good body they have to make sacrifices, but there is no such thing. "

Krrish 3, directed by his Rakesh Roshan, is expected to hit the screens on 3 November, 2013. Hrithik will next be seen doing heavy action sequences (and making Gethin proud) in Bang Bang, a remake of the Tom Cruise-starrer Knight and Day. Gethin's book, The Guide to Your Best Body is available in bookstores.

Updated Date: May 09, 2013 18:01:49 IST