Dunkirk trailer: Christopher Nolan's war drama brings horrors of WWII evacuation to life

Devansh Sharma

Dec 15, 2016 18:41:42 IST

If the poster was not enough, the theatrical trailer of Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk establishes the backdrop of the historic Dunkirk evacuation in a nutshell.

Dunkirk trailer: Christopher Nolans war drama brings horrors of WWII evacuation to life

A still from Dunkirk. YouTube

The legendary filmmaker beautifully captures the scenic beauty of the port town through multiple long shots like the one right at the beginning which shows army men walking down a deserted street with leaflets flowing all around them. As one of the soldiers grabs hold of a leaflet and stares at it, a close-up shot of the torn leaflet sets the audience's brains churning. The mystery gradually unravels, each second of the footage only adding to the dramatics.

Nolan also uses the background score brilliantly as he plays with harsh sounds and haunting silences to build up the tension.  Towards the latter half of the trailer, Nolan incorporates a track that is full of crests and troughs just like waves of the sea that separates the entrapped soldiers from their refuge.

As they say, the devil lies in the details, and Nolan does not disappoint in that regard. From the brodie helmets worn during the Second World War to the flight of the aircraft, he gets all the details of this period drama right.

The trailer projects the evacuation as a watershed event in the course of world history, which is more of an exaggeration than a fact. The Dunkirk evacuation did not shape the world to an extent that it can serve as a tagline for the film. However, one does not complain as Nolan is famous for his larger-than-life dramas like Interstellar and Inception.

Dunkirk revolves around the incident from 1940 when the Allied soldiers found themselves surrounded by the German troops during the Second World War. As Nolan puts it accurately, hope became the soldiers' mightiest weapon and survival seemed like a victory.

Dunkirk is slated to release on 19 July, 2017.

Updated Date: Dec 15, 2016 18:41:42 IST