Dunkirk: Christopher Nolan's latest film will be his career's shortest directorial venture

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Jun 21, 2017 20:52:48 IST

Los Angeles: With a run-time of approximately one hour and 47 minutes Dunkirk is going to be the shortest film in Christopher Nolan's career since his directorial debut.

Dunkirk: Christopher Nolans latest film will be his careers shortest directorial venture

The poster of Dunkirk

The 46-year-old director's World War II epic is this year's one of the highly-anticipated movies, which will hit the US theatres next month.

The film starring Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance and Harry Styles will be the shortest after Nolan's first feature-length film Following, a source confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter.

Following, a neo-noir crime drama, was released on 12 September, 1998 in Toronto

Dunkirk will be 62 minutes less than Interstellar, which starred Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway in the lead role. It was Nolan's longest film with a running time of two hours and 49 minutes.

His 2008 superhero movie The Dark Knight was two hours and 32 minutes long, while Leonardo DiCaprio-starrer Inception was two hours and 28 minutes long.

According to another report by The Hollywood Reporter, the filmmaker received a warm welcome at CineEurope, the annual gathering of international theater owners, in Barcelona, during a presentation conducted by Warner Bros. where the director revealed that the film was shot entirely on Imax film.

The film is slated to release on 21 July.

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Updated Date: Jun 21, 2017 20:52:48 IST