Drop everything and watch the official Hindi translation of the ‘Deadpool’ trailer

FP Staff

Jan,22 2016 16:00:41 IST

If you thought the 'bloody hilarious' Deadpool trailer was a laugh riot, wait till you see the official Hindi dubbed version of it.

Judging by the first two trailers, the upcoming 'superhero' offering from Marvel, just like the comic, is both hilarious and slightly NSFW.

Deadpool in the trailer. Screengrab

Deadpool in the trailer. Screengrab

The film stars Ryan Reynolds as the sassy, indestructible mutant who unwillingly acquires superpowers and unwittingly becomes a 'superhero'.

But he isn't your friendly, neighbourhood costumed crusader — as seen in the trailers, this Deadpool is volatile, violent and works with a vendetta, topped with his crude sense of humor.

But, the hilarity goes up several notches when Reynold's sassy lines are translated to Hindi.

Sample this:

Taxi driver: Santa Claus jaisa laal suit pehenke kyun ghoom rahe ho

Dead Pool: Woh isliye kyunki aaj Chritsmas hain aur main kuchh ch***on ko choosne ja raha hoon

There are several gems like this 'found in translation': 'Damsel in distress' becomes 'sansakaari', 'Jose Canseco' becomes 'nakchadi kam**ni' and 'have you seen this man?' becomes 'Iss G***u ko kahi dekha hain.' (We did mention it is NSFW langauge, right?)

Enjoy watching the 'dabangg superhero', as the Fox Star Hindi page calls him, here:

And here's the English version just in case you trust the translation:

Updated Date: Jan 22, 2016 16:00 PM