Doordarshan says no to NFDC demands, refuses to pay for private firm's IFFI 2017 live coverage

FP Staff

Mar,01 2018 11:53:47 IST

The cold war between Prasar Bharati and the Information and Broadcasting Ministry began with the latter's infringement on the former's autonomy, and has now seeped into accounts and financial matters.

Doordarshan logo. Facebook

Doordarshan logo. Facebook

According to a report by The Indian Express, Doordarshan, under the aegis of Prasar Bharati, has refused the demands of the National Film Development Cooperation (NFDC) to pay Rs 2.92 crore for a private body's live-coverage services during the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2017. The amount (Rs 2.92 crore) has been further broken down into components such as Rs 2.25 crore for live coverage of the ceremonies, Rs 22.5 lakh as NFDC fee and Rs 44.55 lakh as GST.

As per the report, SOL Productions Pvt Ltd, a Mumbai-based private firm has covered the whole film festival, especially the opening and closing day ceremonies. Prasar Bharati claimed there was “no rationale nor any precedent” to outsource the coverage services as Doordarshan has been doing the same for many years in the past and maintained that it was capable with resources even this time.

"DD has the capacity, equipment and staff to do the work. We cover big events like Republic Day and International Yoga Day with more than 40 cameras. The event required only 15 cameras. So there was no need to hire an outside agency to do the work. That’s why the Board was told that it was not justifiable for Prasar Bharati to pay for such an activity and this could also invite audit objections," says a source from Prasar Bharati, quotes The Indian Express.

Doordarshan has reportedly been neglecting the ministry governed NFDC's demands to pay the above-mentioned amount, right from the time the film festival was about to start in November, 2017.

Updated Date: Mar 01, 2018 11:53 AM