Don't censor A-rated movies: Petition filed on after the beeped-up screenings of 'Deadpool'


Feb 22, 2016 09:20:18 IST

New Delhi: With a message echoing that Indian cinemagoers can handle mature content and a plea to release A-rated movies without any cuts, a petition has been started by, a technology platform, to submit before the Shyam Benegal Committee on censorship.

Dont censor A-rated movies: Petition filed on after the beeped-up screenings of Deadpool

Screengrab of Deadpool. YouTube

Vignesh Vellore, the co-founder of Bengaluru-based digital news platform — The News Minute, has started a petition after a disappointing experience with plenty of "beeps" in an A-rated superhero movie Deadpool, read a statement.

Vignesh's petition has already been signed by 7,500 people. It is addressed to Benegal and the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), with a demand: "Don't censor A-rated movies. They should be released without cuts."

The petition reads: "I want to show him that Indians are sick of mindless and needless censorship. Sign my petition and ask your friends to do the same. Because of this mindless censorship, it’s becoming harder and harder to watch movies in the theatre. We are not five-year-old, we are adults who can handle mature content. A movie will not ruin our morals or our culture. But censorship will ruin our country.”

Ryan Reynolds-starred Deadpool with its action, blood and twisted sense of humour has registered good business at the Indian box office despite all the beeps. It has minted over Rs 22 crore in India since its release.

The acclaimed filmmaker Benegal is heading a committee to recommend a holistic framework for the country's film censor board and to suggest changes in the Cinematograph Act so that artistic creativity and freedom are not curtailed. And the last date for submission of public comments is 25 February.

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