Donald Trump's lawyer demands apology from Snoop Dogg for 'assassinating US President' in his video


Mar 15, 2017 18:18:31 IST

Los Angeles: US President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen says rapper Snoop Dogg should apologise for his new video in which he parodies an assassination of Trump.


Snoop Dogg. File Photo

In the climactic scene of the 'Lavender' video, the 45-year-old rapper takes out a fake gun and points it towards a clown resembling the President with a painted orange face.

Cohen said Snoop crossed the line in a big way by mocking the President with a gun, reports He said, "It's totally disgraceful. Snoop owes the President an apology. There's absolutely nothing funny about an assassination attempt on a President, and I'm really shocked at him, because I thought he was better than that."

In the video, Cohen added that he would have felt the same way had a video been made showing Barack Obama when he was President in the same circumstances.

"I certainly would not have accepted it if it was President Obama. I certainly don't accept it as President Trump, and in all fairness, it's not funny, it's not artistic," he said.

Cohen feels Snoop should "learn that they have to respect the office of the presidency". "Just because you want to hide behind the guise of artistic capabilities or artistic freedom of speech doesn't make it right. Snoop knows that, and he played very close to the line here."


Updated Date: Mar 15, 2017 18:18:31 IST