Does Kabali's Malaysian version have a different ending than the Indian one?

Mridula Ramadugu

July 23, 2016 20:30:46 IST

Spoiler alert! If you haven't watched Kabali then the twist we discovered might best be left unread.

For the rest of you Rajinikanth fans, who went all out and witnessed the Thailava's magic on screen on the very first day, you would be surprised to know that in another country, not too far from ours, audiences are witnessing a rather different ending to the film.

While in the Tamil, Telugu and Hindi versions of Kabali, we saw a dramatic 'we are a happy family' scenario, according to speculation on Twitter, the Malay version of the film — which received a massive response in Malaysia — has Kabali surrendering to the police after killing all the bad guys.

But, remember how the Indian version of the film also left us quite suspicious in the end? When Kabali's student walks in and the screen closes with a bullet shot, we were more than puzzled. Initially, we suspected this might be a hint for a sequel. But, after two-and-a-half hours of Rajini magic, not much attention was paid to this trick of the director.

When we came across this screen grab from a screening of Kabali in Malaysia, we couldn't help but connect it to the Tamil version ending.

Kabali continues to be the talk of the town, as now there are several questions popping up, because this is the first time a Rajinkanth movie might have a different ending.

We are left wondering, why would Thailava surrender to the police in the Malay version alone? That too, after all the typical Rajini style rescue mission he sets on to be with the family! Also, what do those gunshots at the end of the movie really mean. Does that mean Rajini is killed? And isn't that close to impossible?

This also brings us to the question of whether Pa Ranjith, the director, did this keeping the nature of the audience in mind.

In a typical Rajinikanth movie, there are struggles, but the superstar always finishes in style and sends his fans home happy. Maybe, the difference in the speculated ending of the Malay version was scripted keeping this in mind.

We wonder what the Malay audience have to say about this. Because clearly, Rajini mania in any part of the world is evidently the same, as the movie has been ranked number one in Malaysia.

The movie deals with problems and discrimination Tamilians face in Malaysia.

Updated Date: Jul 23, 2016 20:39 PM