Divine melody: Taher Shah's new music video tells you all you need to know about angels

Rohini Nair

Apr 09, 2016 15:05:59 IST

If you’ve ever wanted an in-depth look into the psyche of an angel, a new video may offer some wonderful insights.

What’s this heavenly video, you ask?

Well, this particular celestial offering has been put together by pop sensation Taher Shah. Yes, him of the "Eye To Eye" fame.

 Divine melody: Taher Shahs new music video tells you all you need to know about angels

Taher Shah in the 'Angel' music video. Screen grab from YouTube

This new music video — called Angel — features Taher singing a ditty about “God’s dearest creation”.

He does this while dressed in flowing robes of vivid hues, with a glittering tiara, wand — and a huge pair of angel wings to boot. “Mankind’s angel, my heart is like a rose, god’s dearest creation…” sings Taher, lest we are in any doubt as to what he is dressed up as.

Then, just when we think we’ve seen everything there was to see in the realm of angel-hood (angel-dom?), another angel makes an appearance! This one is dressed in a frothy white gown, glittery masque and equally glittery wings and after Taher sings to her of “angel love” for a while, promptly presents him with a cherubic little mini-angel.

Then, Papa Angel, Mama Angel and Baby Angel, cavort about in a meadow and walk off into the sunset. And then they come back and chuck some rose petals around. All while Taher sings, “Angel, angel, mankind’s angel, la la la, la la la…”

That, then, is what angels do.

Not an overly strenuous job description we’d say. God really must like them.

After you watch the video, we recommend that you test your angel knowledge by taking this quick quiz:
1. Angels shine like: A. Stars B. Lamps C. Glitter
2. Angels: A. Talk a lot B. Stay quiet C. Chat, but only when someone else initiates the conversation
3. Angels’ characters are compared to: A. Butterflies B. Unicorns C. Flowers
4. Angels’ hearts are like: A. Roses B. Human hearts, but bigger C. Sponges
Throwing another mystical creature into the mix (because why not):
5. Mermaids are: A. Fishy B. Lonely C. Wet

And no, we won’t be giving you the answers!

PS: We do think Taher really is an angel in human form for occasioning so many people an opportunity for such mirth and hilarity.

Watch the video here:


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