Dileep opens up about divorce from Manju Warrier and marriage to Kavya Madhavan

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Apr 12, 2017 16:32:47 IST

Malayalam actor Dileep, who is known for his slapstick roles and as a 'people's man' recently found himself embroiled in controversies surrounding his divorce with Malayalam actress Manju Warrier and the alleged role that Kavya Madhavan, who he would later marry, played in it.

Dileep. Image from Facebook

Dileep. Image from Facebook

Speaking to Manorama, Dileep opened up about his equations with both actresses and quelled all rumours about Kavya's involvement in his divorce. He described the decision to mary Manju as one he took suddenly, and said that until five years ago, their life together was a happy and perfect one.

He said that he submitted a report of what ended the happiness and the reasons behind it to the family court in June 2013. He called the divorce petition "the story of my life". He added that there was evidence, as well as culprits and witnesses, some renowned, in this story and that he hopes their real side is never revealed. He spoke about how many people have betrayed him, but that he will always maintain his silence about them for the sake of his daughter and her future.

He also said that he and his ex-wife have gone their separate ways and are leading their own lives now. Dileep and Manju were married for 16 years; they tied the knot on 20 October 1998 and were officially separated in January 2015 after ending their marriage in July 2014. The couple has a daughter who currently lives with Dileep.

When asked if Kavya was the reason for his separation with Manju, Dileep said, "Never. I can swear in the name of God that Kavya had nothing to do with my marital troubles." He said that the equation he shared with his ex-wife was one marked by a strong friendship.

He also emphasised that he did not commit bigamy, that he waited for two to three years after his divorce to marry again. After denying rumours of a relationship for months, Kavya and Dileep got married in a small ceremony in a private hotel in Kochi on 25 November 2016.

The actor said that while he was unsure of the decision to marry again, his friends and relatives insisted that he should get married again. His hesitance stemmed from the fear of whether his daughter would accept a new maternal figure. He also revealed at first, Kavya's mother did not accept the proposal and felt that by accepting it, Kavya would make the rumours appear true. But finally, he managed to convince her. He added that his family wanted him to have a court marriage but he decided to go in for a traditional wedding.

Updated Date: Apr 12, 2017 16:32:47 IST