Did Google search show Salman Khan as 'worst actor in Bollywood'? Race 3 reviews could be the reason

FP Staff

Jun 22, 2018 17:02:55 IST

Recently, a Google search declared Salman Khan as the worst actor in Bollywood. Although this is not the first time the search engine giant has messed up its search results. According to News18, only a few months back Googling 'India's first PM' would show Narendra Modi's photo next to Jawaharlal Nehru's, which was fixed by the search engine.

And now Salman Khan may have become the target of the glitch, which infuriated his die hard fans but amused others. While Firstpost could not independently  verify this as the results don't appear on Google search anymore — several websites and twitter users have reported/tweeted regarding this search result.

 Did Google search show Salman Khan as worst actor in Bollywood? Race 3 reviews could be the reason

Screenshot of Google search result as shared on Twitter by @DealsPricerIn

Somehow, his name even popped up when people yelled 'worst Bollywood actress'.

One explanation behind this could be the use of meta tags that determine a Google search, reported News 18. When someone types a keyword on Google, the articles, photos and posts that use that particular keyword as a tag will show up in the results. This means that there are plenty of articles and posts about Salman Khan that have used the 'worst Bollywood actor' tag.

A Google representative also spoke to News 18 about this issue, saying "Google search results are determined by algorithms and there's no individual or group deciding what results to show for each query."

According to the same report, the reasons why Khan's name popped up could be because of the mostly negative reviews written about Race 3, which may have used the 'worst actor' tags.

Updated Date: Jun 22, 2018 17:02:55 IST