Dhinchak Pooja might be in trouble for riding scooter without helmet in 'Dilon Ka Shooter'

FP Staff

Jun,28 2017 19:22:51 IST

Cringe-pop sensation Dhinchak Pooja's new track 'Dilon Ka Shooter' features her riding a Vespa around the city. Turns out, the song is not the only thing people have a problem with. A woke citizen tweeted to the Delhi Traffic Police to bring to notice the missing helmet from the picture.

YouTube Screengrab.

YouTube Screengrab.

Mohit Singh, took to Twitter to complain about the nuisance Pooja had been creating in Surajmal Vihar area of Delhi.

The Delhi Traffic Police replied to him instantly confirming that 'action will be taken'. The complainant actually posted a photo of Pooja, blissfully riding a scooter in the streets. Here is his tweet and the Delhi Police's reaction:


The complainant was asked to specify the time, date and exact place for immediate action to be taken. It is likely that the Delhi Traffic Police has no clue about Dhinchak Pooja being an internet sensation. Nevertheless, the promptness shown by them is commendable. Our guess is that a lot of people must be waiting for this case to be fast-forwarded.

Here's the video of 'Dilon Ka Shooter':

Updated Date: Jun 28, 2017 19:22 PM