Deadpool 2 teaser: This cheeky snippet released by Ryan Renolds is quite literally a tease

FP Staff

Mar,06 2017 12:50:39 IST

The teaser of Deadpool 2, which was released on Ryan Reynolds' Youtube channel on 4 March, 2017, is everything that a fan of this superhero would look forward to – sassy, absurd and comical in a self-deprecating manner.

It is called ‘No Good Deed’, and unsurprisingly, Deadpool really does no good in it.


Youtube screengrab

The teaser opens with a shot of Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, walking through a dirty, deserted street in his regular attire of jeans and a sweatshirt. He turns when he sees that a senior citizen is being robbed at gun point and declares, "Not on my watch." He quickly runs to the nearest telephone booth and begins to change into his costume (an obvious reference to Superman's style), which takes more time than he imagined it would.

In the meanwhile, the screams of the old man can be heard in the background. Deadpool takes his own sweet time, even finding a minute to call the man who made his costume.

To add to the humour, there are stills of a cinema hall in the background where Logan is being screened. The funniest part of the teaser is when former chairman of Marvel Comics Stan Lee says, "Nice suit," to Deadpool, only to be told to "Zip it!" There are also quite a few shots of Ryan Reynold’s butt when he is walking on the street and when he is changing in the telephone booth.

At the very end of the teaser is a synopsis of the book The Old Man and the Sea, which won author Ernest Hemingway a Nobel Prize. The summary has been written in exactly the style that Wade Wilson would have used. It's a rather random but funny end to a teasing trailer.

The sarcastic tone and plot of the teaser is perfectly encapsulated in the last line "Deadpool... coming... not soon enough."

Watch the teaser here:

Updated Date: Mar 06, 2017 12:50 PM