Deadpool 2 may have given out major Avengers 4 spoiler; fans theories suggest crossover between two universes

FP Staff

May 23, 2018 14:03:14 IST

The following contains spoilers for both Avengers: Infinity Wars and Deadpool 2.

The internet seems to have pointed out major crossover between Deadpool and upcoming Avengers 4.

Deadpool 2 may have given out major Avengers 4 spoiler; fans theories suggest crossover between two universes

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool (L); Chris Evans as Captain America. Marvel

Avengers: Infinity War became the highest earning Marvel movie of all time shortly after its release. The movie, which shocked the world with its unconventional ending, has a sequel scheduled for release in May next year. Marvel fans have relentlessly theorised how their favorite superheroes will defeat the most formidable villain yet, Thanos.

Deadpool 2 has also performed exceedingly well at the box office, and has been well received by both the critics and audiences. While it may seem that the main plot-line of Deadpool 2 is Wade Wilson avenging his girlfriend's death, the actual story revolves around Cable going back in time, to the present day, so he can kill Russell Collins/Firefist before he turns into pure evil. It is here where Deadpool 2 might have unknowingly given out a major Avengers 4 spoiler.

In the scene where Cable is standing over the burnt bodies of his wife and child, we see him pick up his daughter's teddy bear and then use his time-travel watch to vanish into thin air. The next thing we know, Cable is standing in a field somewhere in the present day.

Cable again uses the time-travel watch towards the end of the movie. Instead of traveling in time to be with his family, he goes back again to save Deadpool.

Following this, fan pages on Twitter and Instagram shared a picture from the sets of Avengers 4 and pointed of two things that stand out. First, Captain America is seen wearing his suit from The Avengers (2012). Second, his left hand has a timepiece and looks very similar to the one in Deadpool 2. Iron Man and Ant-Man have also been spotted wearing the same timepiece.

According to the floating fan theories, the remaining Avengers will go back in time to save the day, thus defeating Thanos. Whether or not the fan theory is credible, is yet to be seen.

Updated Date: May 23, 2018 14:14:25 IST