Daniel Radcliffe on why he may not reprise Harry Potter role: 'Some things are better left untouched'


Sep,15 2016 14:28:20 IST

London: Would Daniel Radcliffe ever reprise the character of Harry Potter? Maybe not, as the actor from the famous Harry Potter film franchise feels "some things are better left untouched".

Daniel Radcliffe. AP photo

Daniel Radcliffe. AP photo

Following recent reports that entertainment company Warner Bros is courting Radcliffe to reprise his role as the iconic, heroic wizard in a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child film, the actor says that he doesn't want "to go back to anything like that" and will be "happy enough and secure enough to let someone else play it", reports hollywoodreporter.com.

"I'm never going to close the door, that would be a stupid thing to do. But I think I'll be happy enough and secure enough to let someone else play it," Radcliffe said.

The Woman in Black actor feels that he doesn't fit for playing the role of the iconic wizard in The Cursed Child as it calls for a much older Harry.

"At the moment it's not even a concern because I'm too young to play the character. But even in 10 years' time I would still feel strange about going back to it," he said.

"There's a part of me that's like, some things are better left untouched. If we went back to Harry Potter, there's a chance we'd make what Star Wars: The Force Awakens was to the original Star Wars, but there's also the chance that we'd make 'Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace'.

"So I don't want to go back to anything like that and maybe sour what people have already loved," the 27-year-old said.

Updated Date: Sep 15, 2016 14:28 PM