Critics verdict: Kareena is the only good thing about Heroine

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Sep,21 2012 15:47:48 IST

Kareena Kapoor's much talk about film, Heroine, is finally here. Kareena has been the buzz of the town for the last few weeks, leaving no stone unturned to promote the film.  During an interview with Anupama Chopra she also confessed that Heroine is the 'bravest role' an actress can take at this point of her career.

Madhur Bhandarkar had also pinned high hopes on to Heroine, and given his previous records with movies such as Page 3 and Fashion, audiences and critics alike would be forgiven for expecting a lot.

However, as the movie released today, critics had very few good things to say about the film. Most of them  found it extremely predictable and have slammed Bhandarkar for not being able to break out of the mould and evolve with time, as Heroine according to most of  critics seemed like a mash up of every Bhandarkar film seen to date.

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Kanika Sikka of DNA says that the movie is highly predictable and the characters are nothing but a bunch of stereotypes.

"With Bhandarkar watermarked on every single scene of the film, Heroine is highly predictable and somewhere disappointing for those who swear by his ability to reveal the unseen facts. From the feminine-traits of a designer to a back-bitching friend, from vicious women who pass the same comments to death being a turning point for the protagonist, stereotypes successfully kill the essence of this film." she says

What was amiss in Heroine was a novelty factor, she adds, given that exposing the behind-the-scenes reality of Bollywood has become an everyday thing now, unlike in 2005 when Page 3 hit the theatres and scored as it brought out something that wasn't conventional at that point of time.

Saibal Chatterjee of NDTV also agrees that the novelty factor of the script is missing and what the audiences is left with is an "overwhelming sense of déjà vu."

About the film, he says "Heroine is drably monotonous, its insights are shallow, most of the characters are caricatures and the lines that they speak border on the corny, if not on the outright ridiculous."

Shilpa Jamkhandikar of Reuters joins in unison with the two previous reviewers, calling Heroine "The Bhandarkar school of cliches".

Heroine is no different – it feels like Bhandarkar has copy-pasted characters from his films to this one, changing their names and making cosmetic changes to suit this film. So there is the faithful secretary, the catty film journalist, the cricketer who is in love with an actress, the Bengali “arthouse” director who wants to make a commercial film, the married hero who is having an affair with an actress – they all find place in this very long treatise on the life of a leading lady in Bollywood." says Jamkhandikar.

The only face saver of the film is Kareena Kapoor and despite the fact that the movie is nothing but a bunch of cliches, critics agree that Kareena Kapoor plays the role of Mahi Arora with a lot of conviction.

"The film that Bhandarkar has made is indeed disappointingly mechanical. Mercifully, Kareena does demonstrate that she has a feel for the character. But, then, why wouldn’t she? After all she plays herself in Heroine." says Saibal Chatterjee of NDTV.

The actors and their performances is the strong point of the film agress Kanika Sikka of DNA. Not only does she praise Kareena but says Arjun Rampal, Randeep Hooda, Shahana Goswami as well as unfortunate Helen do justice to their parts.

Shilpa Jamkhandikar of Reuters begs to differ though. She does praise Kareena Kapoor and calls her 'the sole saving grace in the film' but did not have many good things to say about the other actors.

"She (Kareena Kapoor)  is in every single scene and she makes a genuine effort to put some amount of believability in the character. All the other characters, including Arjun Rampal and Randeep Hooda as the leading men seem as plastic as the film itself."



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