Country music, classic rock, Coldplay: Discover the music on this week's Firstpost Playlist

FP Staff

Dec 10, 2016 09:35:06 IST

As we hurtle towards the end of 2016, filled with incredulity at how another year's just slipped by, here's a little something to sweeten the sentiment — a new edition of the Firstpost Playlist.

We've been bringing you this eclectic weekly song set for a few months now, and we're hoping to see off the year on a high note.

What do we have this weekend? Some country music, Coldplay, classic rock and — we'll just let you discover it for yourself.

Plug in your headphones, and press play on these songs. Oh, and as a wise man once said, "Have a brilliant weekend".

'Nothing In The Way' by Ghostpoet

33-year-old Obaro Ejimiwe better known as Ghostpoet is the artist you go to (also Benjamin Clementine) when you want perspective and depth. His music is pure gold, presenting what the miseries of millennials — disaffection and dissatisfaction. There isn't just purposeless despair in his music, though the songs can be broadly themed as those about life...well just being life ù kick in the shins et al. Ghostpoet is candid, the musical arrangements are elaborate but not to the point that they sound contrived or too out of place; it all just fits, somehow.

— Vishnupriya Bhandaram


'Video Killed The Radio Star' by The Buggles

The Buggles' Trevor Horn said the song was inspired by a short story by JG Ballard called 'Sound Sweep'. Horn says the song for him is lamenting over the fact that radio was not a very popular medium anymore. So here's a song that doesn't take itself too seriously and you can listen to for its decidedly '80s 'groovy' beat. And the video is fun! PS: Check out the very similar Bappi Lahri song 'Koi Yahaan Aha Nache Nache' from Disco Dancer!

— Ankita Maneck


'The Weary Kind' by Ryan Bingham

The film Crazy Heart (in which this song features) stars Jeff Bridges as an aging Texas songwriter plagued by alcohol problems and a flagging career. And the song says it all: It is the portrait of a man who has lost everything. 'Crazy Heart' and Ryan Bingham's voice haunt you like a classic country song.

— Shatadru Roy


'Till Kingdom Come' and 'Ring of Fire', Toronto 2006 by Coldplay

You know what happens when your favourite band is performing in your city and you're not satisfied with the stage view your ticket has given you access to? Well, you walk out of the stadium, reach home, order chocolate chip ice-cream, plug yourself to the concert versions of the band and drown in your sorrows. (At least that's what I did!)

Now that Global Citizen India is done and dusted, and the so-to-say Coldplay "fans" have taken a back seat, it gives me peace to listen to their old soundtracks, at any given point in time. If you've ever complained about their newer albums, this song will help you relive some of those old memories.

So, here's throwing some classic Coldplay with a tinge of Johnny Cash your way. Have a happy weekend!

— Reema Mukherjee


'Pinball Wizard' by The Who

I love this song like I love my ‘found Jesus in my cheese!’ miracle stories. To listen to this to song, is to marvel at the global ever-pervasive nature of stupidity.

It brings the ‘it’s so bad it’s good’ opinion trend back to its primal, more honest roots, as that experience of not being able to look away from something that’s disgusting or horrifically fascinating. This it achieves with cheap tricks — lurid imagery, arcade-like music, but most of all in what — or whom — it talks about, a someone similar to MAD magazine’s hysterically goofy, and dangerously foolish face, Alfred E Neumen. It’s about a deaf, dumb and blind kid (albeit with a supple wrist) who becomes a pinball hero, an unfortunate person finding his fortune in an unfortunate niche. And this twisted underdog success tale is delivered with the same incredulousness the listener might feel on giving this song a listen.

Even the most serious music aficionados might do good to let this song scam its way into their playlist.

— Eisha Nair


'Season 2 Episode 3' by Glass Animals

This song's sound is reminiscent of the arcade video games I played as a child. British indie band Glass Animals said they were trying to recreate the sounds they believe are floating around in a serial procrastinator's brain, and I think they manage to capture the essence of it quite well. The video itself is designed to remind us of 8-bit video games. There are also references to old cartoons that we all loved, and cartoons that we love now like Adventure Time! The quirky lyrics and the downtempo beat will be sure to get your head bobbing.

— Derrek Chundelikkatt

Updated Date: Dec 10, 2016 09:35:06 IST