Coldplay announces new EP on Chris Martin's birthday; first song 'Hypnotised' released

Neerja Deodhar

Mar 02, 2017 16:04:51 IST

On 2 March, 2017, British rock band Coldplay announced on social media that it will be releasing a new EP on 2 June, 2017.

This EP, called the Kaleidoscope EP, will have five songs - ‘All I Can Think About Is You’, ‘Something Just Like This’, ‘Miracles 2’, ‘A L I E N S’ and ‘Hypnotised’.

Of these, Coldplay has released the music video of ‘Hypnotised’, a six-minute track featuring a film made by Mary Wigmore. And this song does have the potential to tide Coldplay fans over for the next two months, until the rest of the tracks are released.

 Coldplay announces new EP on Chris Martins birthday; first song Hypnotised released

Youtube screengrab

The beginning bits of the song will remind you of a lullaby. But as the song progressed, it eventually grows on you. Is it one of the better Coldplay songs? Perhaps not. Will you want to listen to it more than once? Most definitely.

The visuals of the song are, true to its name, hypnotic. The video merges serene sights from nature and the colours of the rainbow. You’ll see waves crashing in reverse and the sky multiplying; it’ll remind you of all those times when you looked into a kaleidoscope. Since the EP’s name is ‘Kaleidoscope’, we suspect that the rest of the songs will also have similar music videos.

It’s as though the inspiration for the song came from The Beatles’ song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. There’s even a line that captures that sense of hypnosis: “Yeah, I trip when I look in your eyes.” The feel of the song is extremely mellow and comforting; it’s the kind of music you want to listen to after a long day, when you’re unwinding.

The minimalistic, light lyrics make this song easy to listen to. It is reminiscent of the songs by the American ambient pop band Cigarettes After Sex. The words and visuals are hazy and hallucinatory for the most bit, but in the end, there is clarity and the song ends with the words, “ it’s sunrise.”

This is what makes the song open to interpretation.

At certain points, the song does become quite melancholic in tune. Chris Martin even calls the news his “guidebook for the blues”.

In terms of Coldplay’s discography, this song falls in the same league as ‘Yellow’ and ‘Shiver’. If you like these two songs, you’ll probably like ‘Hypnotise’ too.

Listen to the song here:

Updated Date: Mar 02, 2017 16:04:51 IST