CID producer Pradeep Uppoor robbed of valuables worth Rs 12 lakh

FP Staff

May,22 2017 19:09:06 IST

The house of Pradeep Uppoor, one of the producers of TV show CID, was robbed, and Uppoor filed an FIR when he discovered that valuables worth Rs 12 lakh were missing.

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The family discovered that they had been robbed when Pradeep Uppoor's wife realised that their cash and jewelry was missing. The FIR has been lodged at he Juhu police station on 19 May, 2017.

"The complaint was received on Friday night after the complainant found that the cupboards of the flat had been opened. Getting suspicious, she checked her belongings and found that cash and jewellery had been stolen. The police were informed that Rs 9 lakh in cash was missing from the house, and ornaments worth over Rs 3 lakh were also missing," says a source quoted by

The building the Uppoors live in has bamboo scaffolding around it currently, owing to the fact that it is being renovated. It is being speculated that the suspect may have used these bamboo sticks to climb the building and break into the sixth floor in order to rob the flat. Police say that since the building faces Juhu beach, it is possible that the robber may have entered the building from the beach.

Pradeep Uppoor resides in the same building as many other celebrities, such as Mahesh Bhatt. The police is using CCTV footage to look for clues.

Updated Date: May 22, 2017 19:09 PM